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What's Included

My Mail Signed for
and Stored
Business Address Business Communications Business
Business Meeting Business Executive
Use our centre address as your business address  
Incoming mail handling with email notification  
Mail forwarding and storage services  
My Office Phone Calls Answered Professionally          
Dedicated business line assigned to your company  
Answering service with a tailor-made script  
Calls forwarded to any designated number  
Provision of a local fax number  
Messages passes to you by phone, fax or email  
Voicemail with 24 hours to retrieval feature  
Voicemail can be scribed and passed on in email  
Use of an Office and Other Facility Services          
5 days of private office use per month including phone and internet        
Business Lounge and pantry facilities    
Access to trilingual secretarial or concierge services when needed
Meeting room access on pay per use basis 8 hours per
month included